Translator’s certification courses

Centre of International Studies offers certification courses for people wishing to develop a career as a translator of English, French, Spanish, and German language.

We can offer courses within several specific fields of translation work, namely law, economics, engineering, medicine and literature.

For those wishing to work as Notary Public office, court, tribunal   translators, you should note the authorization with be required by the Ministry of Justice. Authorization will be based on the certification received after being tested at the ending of the course. Ministry of Justice does not organize any examination for translators.

The Translators certification course will commence with a 30-hour module centred upon theory covering the fundamentals of translation with specialized terminology and translations techniques; followed by a 30-hour module centred on practising your skills.

Criteria for admission:

1. Candidates should hold at minimum a High school diploma

2. Be proficient in the chosen language in which they wish to translate.

Fees per module: 750 Ron.

Examinations are organized at CENTROFIS Brasov