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Pearson’s suite of English language tests encompasses everything from simple examinations for children who have recently started learning the language to high-stakes assessments for students who wish to continue their education at an English-speaking university.
We offer:

Pearson Test of English General (paper-based)

PTE General     

  • has six levels aligned to Common European Framework
  • is designed to test ability to communicate effectively in English
  • is aimed primarily at learners between 13 and 17 years of age

  The emphasis of PTE General is on practical language skills – the ability to use the language effectively in social, working and study environments.

  • Tests all four core skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • Communicative approach – not dry and grammar-based
  • Test content is authentic and relevant to age groups

Written paper

  • Tests listening, reading and writing
  • Taken on a designated Saturday
  • Marked in the UK by trained experts
  • No separate grammar paper – shorter and more convenient





Level A1

A1 (Foundation)

1hr 15m

Level 1

A2 (Elementary)

1hr 35m

Level 2

B1 (Intermediate)

1hr 35m

Level 3

B2 (Upper Inter.)


Level 4

C1 (Advanced)

2hrs 30m

Level 5

C2 (Proficient)

2hrs 55m


PTE General recognition

  • National and regional governments
  • Used by some universities for entry or graduation
  •  Accredited in the UK by Ofqual
  • LT team can work with distributors to achieve national recognition
  • Check website for up to date details

 PTE General is offered in :

  • May
  • June
  • December



Pearson Test of English Young Learners (paper-based)

PTE- Young Learners  
  • Encourages learning and stimulates interest in English
  • Uses real-life scenarios which children can understand
  • Designed to build children’s confidence


PTE YL is  designed on four levels:

  • Firstwords
  • Springboard 
  • Quickmarch
  • Breakthrough


Why do candidates take the Young Learners tests?
  • Motivational tool for language learning
  • Sense of achievement
  • Builds confidence
  • Realistic scenarios that parents and children understand
  • Fun!
Why do teachers and parents like the tests?
  • Objective international benchmark demonstrates effective teaching
  • Positive way to get children used to examinations early in life
  • Age-appropriate tasks mean the test isn’t too stressful
  • Child-friendly speaking section

PTE YL is offered in: 

  • May
  • June 
  •  November