Austrian Universities


Austria is a beautiful country with a great cultural heritage, located in the heart of Europe. It is the home of Mozart, Klimt, Freud, and “The Sound of Music”. Cities like Vienna and Salzburg attract tourists from all over the world. The economy is very much export orientated and the standard of living is high. The national language is German, but most people speak some English.The varied landscape is of great importance for tourism, there are many skiing resorts; in the summer there are lots of opportunities for hiking and climbing or for water sports on the numerous lakes. Other factors for a stay in Austria are the great social security, the economic stability and the great hospitality of the Austrians.

Because of its rich cultural past and present Austria is cherished by people all over the world. 

Austrian Higher Education 

The Austrian educational system offers you a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. This is why Austria is an ideal place for studying and living.

Austria combines a long tradition of higher education with state-of-the-art research. Austrian higher education institutions offer an ever-growing number of degree programmes: one can choose between first-class research-based courses at Austrian universities, a world-famous education at any of the universities of the arts, high-quality practice-oriented degree courses at the universities of applied sciences, and sound and up-to-date teacher education and innovative courses at private universities.

The total number of students is approximately 282,500 (of whom international students 70,000)


For Austrian students and students who have the same status as Austrians (i.e. nationals of all EU and EEA member countries) and who have not exceeded the minimum duration of their study programme plus two semesters, no fee is payable. After the two semesters of tolerance, you have to pay € 363.36 each semester.



Costs per semester:

Allowance to stay (EU students)   

 € 110

Student Union Fee              

 € 17

 Print account

 € 10

 Copy card

 € 20

 Library card

 € 10


 € 167


Costs per month:

 Rent (inclusive)

 € 200-390 (Steyr / Wels)


 € 155


 € 355-525 / € 385-545 


+ all the extra costs

In addition to personal living expenses, accommodation, transport etc. a range of additional costs is to be expected during a course of study for text and reference books, periodicals, stationery, discs, CD-ROMs, lecture notes, copying and printing costs and


Various kinds of accommodation are available ranging from rooms in shared houses or apartments to sometimes rooms in the Kolpingheim student residence or the student residence of the HTL (technical school). 

The prices of accommodation vary. Double rooms in shared houses are available from around € 200 to € 270 per month. Single flats cost between € 270 to € 370. 

Room allocation is made on a first come – first serve basis, therefore the deadline for receipt of the accommodation form is the same as the general application deadline, 1 June or 15 November respectively. Another possibility is to find accommodation in a private apartment/flat on an individual basis or sharing with other students. Please note that the International Office cannot provide any assistance for private house hunting.


In the Member Countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) the free movement of workers is a fundamental right which permits nationals of one EEA country to work in another EEA country on the same conditions as that Austria’s own citizens.

Bulgarian and Romanian citizens wishing to work in Austria still need a work permit, which the employer must apply for.