Danish Universities

About Denmark

Denmark has become an attractive study destination for international students for many reasons.

Denmark has a high standard of living and combines social security with an attractive business climate and a clean and safe environment.

Denmark's infrastructure is well developed.

As most Danes speak English, you will find it easy to live in Denmark even if you do not speak any Danish. Approximately 80% of the population speaks English

Danish higher education

Danish higher education is famous for its innovative teaching approach and high international standards. The Danish institutions offer a dynamic study environment with an emphasis on independent study, initiative and project-oriented learning.

For international students, the Danish approach to teaching and learning can introduce a whole new way of studying and thinking, which will challenge you and provide you with an excellent platform for your future career.

Danish higher education institutions are located in modern buildings with excellent facilities such as libraries, lecture, class and study rooms, laboratories, IT equipment, canteens etc.

The main reasons why go to study to Denmark

1. Quality of education - Several Danish institutions are among the best 200 universities in the world according to different rankings.

2. English based programs – there are many interesting and innovative courses available in Danish institutions that are meant for international students and are taught in English.

3. State funded education – for students coming from EU/EAA, studying in Denmark is free as Danish government is paying for the studies to attract international students to the country..

4. Good student job opportunities – there are good student job opportunities depending on the study location. Students need to work usually 12-15 hours a week to cover all their living costs.

5. International education – students in study groups are usually from different countries and that makes the education really international.

More info about studying in Denmark: http://www.studyindenmark.dk/


Currency rate: 7,45 DKK = 1 €

Living cost in Denmark varies place to place and universities to universities. However, in average the cost of living for international students in Denmark is approximately between 500€ and 800€ per one month.

Living place is in average 250-350 € per month (2500 DK).


Finding a place to live often takes time, so we advise you to contact your Danish education institution for information about accommodation as soon as you have been admitted . There are several accommodation options:


Student jobs pay very well. The minimum wage per hour in Denmark is approximately 12 Euro.

EU/EEA nationals apply for the work permit from the Danish authorities upon arrival in Denmark. Finding work may be somewhat difficult if you don’t speak Danish, Jobs can be found through local newspaper ads, through special agencies or through other students who already have a job or who have been studying there for some time. It is not recommended for you to work more than 15 hours per week - otherwise you may neglect your studies. You may work full time during the summer holidays.

The Danish Employment Services provide information on living and working conditions and job opportunities for foreigners at: www.eures.dk.

Another possibility is the website www.workindenmark.dk